How do you approach a girl

You see a few girls to sit, stand or walk slowly. You like one or a few of them in the group. You want to come near them. How to easily and without shame do? 
Watch them a second or two. See if you are in a fiery interview or sit and occasionally speak a few words. If you are a bit of a discussion likely to be just then want to get acquainted with the matter whom and with you a little. All people (yes, and women) have their own private time, life, themes and moods. Many things are kept in their society and no one outside the tight circle. For this reason, this conversation is not the smartest thing to interrupt.

How to interest a girl

It's no secret that women are excited by men who are mentally stronger than them. This means that you are from this moment onwards mentally strong. Bring this decision. How do girls know if someone stronger than them? Usually as soon as it sees a man she knows in his demeanor, speech, respect and like. What is interesting is that if you are with the 'male power' starts and continues to the results can be very interesting;)

Who leads whom?