How to have good sex?

When you're with a girl, at the very beginning you need to not think about sex. It takes slow steps to explore what girl wants. She wants sex, that's for sure, but does not want to get it right away, because that would mean that it is easy and almost always available. 
I am as I write this blog, and all the experience, I was without words for the woman-girl. Various experiments, I came to some interesting conclusions. 

In particular you can say about my current relationship

Male traits that attract girls

This is a story of acceptance, the lighting, burning, creating excitement for her, the emotions they want to feel the (much) you. These emotions are seen by romantic movies. Women are regularly recognized by the romantic novels or movies like 'Gone With The Wind', which literally "eat". Why? Because so many women, so, so eager to these emotions, the experiences of the heart that their main topic on TV, novels, conversations, dreams.What we most important thing is that so few women experienced, felt, sincere and deep inside the lancinating love like a flame, or flamenco dance that all this has become a myth, an urban legend for many girls. Something like "vase with buried treasure." Their treasures, which probably never find one.

Secret of good girls approaching  
Everyone knows that there are those who approach the girls and that they have their own tricks, techniques, secret ways to attract girls themselves. Some of them do it instantly and others it takes a few hours or few days. What is common is that they know how to access one of the girls that hardly anyone else succeeds. What? Emotions. They may be in them the primordial fire, excite them, among them girls feel and feel alive. All who approach the girls have come up with ways to do it somehow. How? Exercise, looking at others, and experiments that are really interesting coincidence.